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… you must sign an insurance contract within three months upon registration in Switzerland?

The “Grundversicherung” (literally “basic insurance”) is also known as “compulsory health insurance” under the Health Insurance Act, is required by every Swiss resident and/or any person working for a company based in Switzerland. Whether you are a new resident in Switzerland (including new-born) or a worker, you must sign an insurance contract within three months upon registration in Switzerland (or respectively, upon birth).

We do not recommend prolonging this task until the last minute, as the premium must be paid in advance and is due from the date of registration. This means that the payment will also have to be paid retrospectively. For the unborn child, we even recommend signing an insurance contract during pregnancy, before the birth. If a contract is not signed within three months, a surcharge will be issued, and any health related expenses will not be reimbursed.

In order to sign a contract, your residence permit (Aufenthaltsbewilligung) is needed. If you do not have one yet, you may ask your local municipality for a letter confirming your address (Wohnsitzbestätigung), which is, in most cases sufficient. Nevertheless, you must provide proof of a valid permit as soon as have it.

If you are already insured by a Swiss operator, you may provide a copy of the former policy to apply for a new one.

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… that aproximately 80 % of Swiss residents have a supplementary insurance?

For some areas, the coverage of the compulsory insurance is too low or even inexistent. Most Swiss residents have supplementary insurance of some sort. This is mostly because the extra costs are rather low in comparison to the compulsory insurance, and the benefits are much higher.

While compulsory insurance must accept everyone applying for it (regardless of level of health), supplementary insurance has the right to choose who they accept. A questionnaire must be filled out which gives information about your health status. If you have a relevant issue, the insurance company may accept you with the exclusion of some benefits or reject you completely. If you are offered this insurance with some exclusion, you are free to choose to accept this or not.

It is important is to bear in mind that even if you consider supplementary insurance as unnecessary now, you will not be able to acquire it on demand when you need it. People often think when they hear they must proceed with a certain treatment or execute a surgery, that they can apply for supplementary insurance which will cover the costs. This is not the case. An insurance company will always reject this kind of application.
Also, you are obliged to declare your health status correctly. If you do not and the health insurance finds out, they will cancel the contract, and reclaim all provided services.

Supplementary insurance is privately organized and every insurance company has different benefits. Our company is specialized in comparing the advantages and downsides of the coverage but also of the companies.

More details you will find in our brochure.

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… what the terms „deductible“ and „retention fee“ mean and how the system works?

In most cases, the insured person must contribute to their health bill. There are two elements:

  • A deductible of 300 CHF up to 2’500 CHF — for children 0 CHF up to 600 CHF.
  • A retention fee of 10% limited to 700 CHF per year — for children up to 350 CHF.

For example, if you choose a deductible of 300 CHF and receive a medical invoice of 1’000 CHF, you pay the 300 CHF deductible and 10% on the remaining 700 CHF. In total 370 CHF.

What must be considered is that the premium varies depending on what deductible you have chosen. The difference between the highest and the lowest will change the price by 120 CHF per month. Therefore, we recommend choosing a high deductible if you generally have health costs lower than 1’740 CHF per year. And if your average costs are higher, you benefit more by choosing the lowest deductible.

More interesting facts in our leaflet.

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